Poster : Glacier Ice / El Calafate, Argentina 2008 by Peter Ginter

Glacier Ice / El Calafate, Argentina 2008

First the glacier swallows the red light, then orange, yellow and green. Blue remains until the end. The process is called „selective absorption“. Fair enough but what’s the point? The faithful insist God likes his creation to be beautiful. Non-believers speak of Mother Nature, the greatest designer of them all.

Erst schluckt das Gletschereis das rote Licht, dann orange, dann gelb und grün. Was zuletzt bleibt, ist blau. „Selektive Absorption“, gut und schön, aber warum nur? Gott will es ansehnlich haben in seiner Schöpfung, sagen die Gläubigen. Die Natur ist der größte Designer, die anderen.

Each Poster is printed on 300 gsm paper Jupp Crääm (white) on Hewlett Packard’s digital printing machine HP Indigo12000, the clear front runner in Digital Printing. For maximum protection during delivery, the posters are not rolled, but shipped in flat packing.

Poster are available in this size :
50 x 70 cm : 65,00 EURO

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