FineArt-Print : Black Nude / Cuba 1996

Black Nude / Cuba 1996

There is no greater secret than the human body. An opal shining landscape, creation’s most prescious gift, familiar and exotic at the same time. An invitation? Maybe. A statement, certainly. Nichts ist geheimnisvoller als der menschliche Körper. Eine matt schimmernde Landschaft, das kostbarste Geschenk der Schöpfung, vertraut und exotisch zugleich. Eine Frage, eine Einladung, ein Statement.

Prints are manufactured with the highest Quality Archival Papers by Hahnemühle Fine Art Ink Jet Paper (100% Cellulose of 350 gsm paper, such as Baryta FB and ISO Standard 9706, as required by museums and galeries) printed on EPSON Ultra Chrome HDR Ink.

Prints are available in these sizes :
42 x 59,4 cm (DIN A2)    :     1.500,00 EURO ***
60 x 80 cm                        :    2.700,00 EURO ***
80 x 120 cm                       :   4.000,00 EURO ***

*** ( incl. VAT / inkl. MwSt. )

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